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Sailors NYC members can enjoy the privilege  of making weekend getaway on board one of our sailboats. A weekend cruise is a great opportunity to explore new horizons out of the New York Harbor, get to know other sailors and of course a great way to exercise and improve navigation and cruising skills. If you are considering to go on a sailing vacation - as a skipper or as crew, a weekend cruise is a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with live-aboard environment and considerations. Get immersed for the weekend and you got yourself a new (healthy) addiction!  


Members who are interested in joining a weekend cruise are invited to a planning meeting that takes place about a month before the cruise. In this meeting we review the nautical charts, tide and current tables and hear other people's ideas and interests. After gathering all the information we put together a rough itinerary to accommodate most (if not all) objectives and assign different preparation tasks, such as: provisioning, research local attractions at the destinations we sail to, obtain weather forecast, plot a route (on paper and electronic charts), prepare the boat etc. 


Weekend Cruise Dates

Planning Meeting Date

2020 - TBA

$225 + tax / person for the weekend 



  • Use of boat

  • Boat accommodation

  • Safety and Navigational equipment

  • Professional instruction before and 
    during the cruise

  • Fuel

  • Insurance + tow insurance

Not including: 

  • Provisions

  • Local accommodations (other than on the boat)

  • Land excursions

  • Land transportation

  • Meals at local restaurants


In order to maximize the participants enjoyment and value from the cruise please note:

  • Limited space available!

    • Boat capacity - sailing: 7 including the skipper. 

    • Accommodation: 5-6 (depending on the boat).

    • First comes - first served.

    • Members sign up are at first priority. Should 2 weeks before the cruise we still have vacancies - we will allow signup of a member's +1 (price: $225 + tax)

    • Participants may spend the night at land accommodation of their choice and at their own expense.

  • Initially there is only one boat assigned for each weekend. We will consider adding more boats upon demand.

  • Be on time! Aside from being courteous to others,  - we are planning our cruise based on tides and currents. Not leaving on time might cause a tremendous change in the cruise itinerary.

  • More cruises might be added to the schedule based on demand.

  • Assessments for NauticEd certifications are available over weekend cruises. Price: $850 (members $600) including the weekend cruise cost. To register click here.