The Sailing Experience© is a Mental Performance accelerator designed to exercise one’s performance in an unfamiliar environment.  Participants sail a sailboat as a team (under the supervision of a qualified, certified sea captain). The team will be introduced to safety procedures and basic terminology, and will cast off. During the day-sail, the group will face a variety of challenges which require quick decision making, leadership, self organizational skills, effective communication, and both personal and team performance under pressure. We will  conclude the day with an on-land debrief, allowing you to review your experience and learn strategies to leverage the experience, improving your performance both on and offshore.


Mental Performance is a discipline within performance psychology that  refers to the mental and emotional factors of high-level performance.

Why? And is it good for me?

We are offering an exciting and challenging learning experience. The Sailing Experience is not about telling you what you can do better or how to improve. Instead, it is about exploring together what it means for YOU to break down barriers and achieve excellent performance, on and offshore. The program is suitable for individuals and teams who seek to explore and hone their own performance in an un-chartered environment.


Captain Nitzan Levy

Credentials: U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (6-Pack), NauticEd Certified Instructor Bareboat Charter Master Level V, ASA Certified Instructor Bareboat Chartering, Israeli licensed skipper on Boat For International Voyages

Captain Nitzan had been a long time sailor in Israel. She decided to establish a sailing business a couple of years after moving to the U.S., To this end, Captain Nitzan had to expand her sailing terminology, identify what makes an excellent instructor and form a community of sailors. She has realized that many of the skills she is implementing are similar to the leadership skills necessary when leading a team in uncertain/changing environments. Consequently, Nitzan decided build this program, to serve professionals who want to grow and learn how to overcome mental blocks and achieve excellent performance.

Itzhak (Isaac) Zur, PhD

Credentials: Ph.D. in Sport - Health and Exercise Science, MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology, BA in Psychology and Management. Member of the American Psychological Association (APA: Division 47), Member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), Publication: Journal of Applied Sport Psychology

Isaac Zur, PhD, has extensive experience working with driven individuals of all ages and backgrounds, working with them to identify personal challenges and overcome mental blocks so they can achieve their goals. He believes that educating people on how to be self-aware enables individuals to effectively channel their emotions when in stressful situations or environments, thus improving their performance. Isaac has worked with individuals from the U.S. Olympic team, and other professional athletes and organizations.


The Sailing Experience© is a one day training both on and off the water.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday 8/2/2018 9am-5pm

Thursday 9/13/2018 9am-5pm

Thursday 10/4/2018 9am-5pm

Price: $750/Person*


  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • Sailing instruction 

  • Program handouts

*Minimum 3 participants, Maximum 6