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JUNE 7-13, 2014


Water’s World & Via Maris (Sailing Vacation companies based in Israel) are introducing a unique fitness vacation. Spend a week on a yacht, learn how to sail, cook together, dine in local and delicious Tavernas that can be reached solely via sea, drink lots of Ouzo and ..... endure professional swim training twice a day in pristine turquoise bays. This year Swimmers Flotilla will take place in the Saronic Gulf and Aegean Seas in Greece. A popular sailing destination, well protected and pleasant for cruising with plenty of bays that will serve as training grounds for us. Twenty minute ride from Athens airport to the Marina and we can focus on getting ready to cast off.



  • Sat June 7:  Flight arrives Athens, drive to marina. Receive our luxurious yachts and stock on supplies for the week. Dinner at a local taverna, get ready to raise a glass for a terrific journey.

  • Sun June 8: Our first sailing day will depart from Kalamaki marina in Athens and cruise west to Perdika in Aegina Island. This port is a celebration of Mediterranean colors, flavors and scents. Dinner at a local taverna.

  • Mon June 9: Leave for Dokos Island, anchor for the night in a magical bay. Dinner will be on the yacht.

  • Tue June10: Short cruising day east will bring us to Hydra Island, a popular vacation destination for Athenians and foreign tourists. It is prohibited to use any motor vehicles excluding few small trucks for maintenance. Transportation is solely based on donkeys and mules. This day is dedicated to explore the island independently.

  • Wed June 11: Our next destination is the Russian Bay at Poros. A typical Greek town, with white houses on hilltops overlooking the bay and a church stipple at the top. Dinner at a seafood restaurant in the local market.

  • Thu June 12: Sail northwest to Epidavros, a town well known for its ancient Greek amphitheater. Dinner at a local taverna on the water’s edge.

  • Fri June 13: Our final and well-liked destination before returning to Kalamaki marina will be a spectacular bay with a blue cave on the Aegina Marina.


Additional Information: We sail on spacious and luxurious Catamarans. Each with 4 double occupancy cabins and 2 shower/toilet. Each catamaran will be occupied by 6 swimmers and a skipper. During swimming fitness sessions, all swimmers will be accompanied by motorboats and kayaks.

Water’s World is one of the largest and most professional centers worldwide in Hydrotherapy and water rehabilitation. Our experienced swimming counselors encourage swimmers of every level based on their physical abilities, body type, flexibility, etc. WEST method, is a swimming technique that enables each and every swimmer, age 18 and up, to understand how their own body should be present in the water in order to release tension, care for pain and expand its mobility and therefore swim longer distances with speed and ease. As part of the journey, each swimmer will be guided personally based on their individual technique. Swimming ability required, 500 meters at sea or at least 1,000 meters continuous freestyle in the pool without fins.