A Skipper Member is a sailor who is capable of safely operating a sailboat on his/her own.  In order to qualify to be a Skipper Member, proof of your sailing record must be presented.  Sailors who have an international sailing certificate are welcome.  Prospective Skipper Members must also pass a three hour check-out session on one of our boats with our Director of Sailing. 


Skipper Members may sail the club's vessels privately with a party of up to 6 guests.



Buy a boat, pay for docking fees, maintenance, fuel, commuting...they all add up. The annual cost of all of owning a 30' sailboat in the New York Harbor is estimated in $8,000!  

Save BIG by joining Sailors NYC today and we take care of the rest!


  • One 30' O'day - Veronica and one 25' Catalina - At Last 

  • High level maintenance including: cleaning, fueling, fresh water tanks fill-ups, pump-out, engine service, oil change, rigging, sails, repairs etc...

  • Safety & Emergency equipment meeting USCG standards

  • Technical guidance and troubleshooting assistance available while at sea

  • Full insurance coverage for you and your guests

  • Towing insurance

  • All necessary documents onboard including: boat registration, insurance, documentation, safety procedures, check-out list



Getting on the water never been easier! Login to your member's account, select a date and time, and you're all set!

  • Private Sails are available* Monday - Sunday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (last sail to return by sunset)

  • Bring your own party of minimum one and up to six guests at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

  • While Private Sails are three hours long, you can sail with other members and extend your private sail to up to nine hours!


Sometimes being a sailor can be lonely... you want to go out sailing but don't always have the company. Join a three hour Members Sail with other club members, meet new friends and get a chance to explore new horizons!

  • Members Sails are available daily*

  • Bring one guest along at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

  • Enjoy a three hour sail and stay for some socializing onboard the Lilac or at TriBeCa Tap House – only a block away

  • Technical guidance and troubleshooting assistance available while at sea

  • Lectures, parties and classes available YEAR ROUND!


Get out of the Big Apple with Sailors NYC's weekend cruising and international sailing vacations.

  • Weekend cruises from New York Harbor to Long Island Sound, Long Island South Shore and the Jersey Shore are available a few times throughout the season.

  • One week sailing vacations available year round! Captain your own crew on a charter boat or join other sailors for a memorable vacation in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Check out our next vacations here


Operating a sailboat takes skill and knowledge to ensure the safety of your guests and the vessel. In order for us to make sure you know your leeward from windward, your jibe from your tack and basic boat mechanical systems and safety procedures, those wanting to captain a boat will go on a three hour session with our Director of Sailing to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Preparation - check weather, current, tides and plan your sail accordingly

  • Knowledge of rules of the road

  • Know your way around a boat in general (specifics will be covered and pointed out during the sessions)

  • Familiarity with navigational aids

  • Briefing your crew and instructing them during the sail

  • Man Over Board

  • Docking, mooring and anchoring

  • Returning the vessel 

  • Dinghy operation

* Available throughout the Sailing Season May 1st – October 31st