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They say there is more than one way to kill a cat.

We say - there is only one RIGHT WAY to learn sailing.

We believe that the most effective learning program must include both theory and hands-on skills-exercise. To that sense we chose to follow the NauticEd program - which delivers theoretical courses using advanced state-of-the-art technology. NauticEd courses are structured so that the student can study at their leisure, and yet ensure comprehensiveness by quizzes following each module. Even after completing the online course - you can access it to review.

Our sailing instructors are all qualified sailors who have extensive experience of sailing the NY Harbor and around the world. We make sure the students perform the skills not only the right way but also in the safest manner. 

Ready to start? Check out our sailing courses for beginners, experienced and advanced sailors!


Experience sailing and repetitions are key to acquire and retain of  new sailing skills successfully. By joining the club  you will ensure access to both on-water and in-class sailing instructions as well as necessary time on the water and exercise and gain experience - which are required in obtaining your sailing certifications.



New to sailing, Never sailed before, Sailed before but need/want to start from scratch



Experienced crew, Aspiring skipper, Certified of one of the beginner courses


Experienced skipper, interested in bareboat chartering locally and internationally