FEB 20-28, 2016

Itinerary Outline (Itinerary subject to change under sea and weather conditions):

Day 1: Dragon Bay

St. George’s - Dragon Bay, 4 nm. After finishing all of the check in procedures and readying the yacht, sail 4 miles up the coast to Grenada to Dragon Bay. Pick up a government mooring ball in Dragon Bay. Enjoy some amazing snorkeling at Moliniere Point, and if you are into diving, be sure to arrange a dive at the underwater sculpture garden, which is rumored to be home to a family of black and red sea horses.



Day 2: Carriacou

Dragon Bay - Carriacou, 35 nm. After an early start from Dragon Bay, arrive in the early afternoon at Sandy Island, which is located right off the coast of Carriacou. Anchor here, and enjoy the beautiful beach and excellent snorkeling of this deserted island. Hillsborough is also an excellent spot to explore. The town offers charming seaside dining and just a short walk from the docks, the museum features an eclectic collection of artwork and historical pieces. If you’re seeking a taste of the local culture, be sure to stop into one of the many rum shops or watch the locals build boats traditionally by eye on the beach. Over-night around the corner at Tyrell Bay, and enjoy dinner at the Tipsy Turtle in Tyrell Bay.



Day 3: Union Island

Carriacou - Union Island, 8 nm. Complete customs and immigration clearance out of Grenada; then enjoy a nice sail across to Union Island, which is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Arrive in Clifton Harbour, Union Island to clear into St. Vincent. Clifton is the island’s main town and a bustling small port that’s full of color where you’re welcomed by warm, friendly islanders. The roads and trails offer some of the best hiking and biking in The Grenadines. Be sure to get a drink on Happy Island, an island made entirely from conch shells.



Day 4: Tobago Cays Canouan Charter

The five deserted isles of the Tobago Cays are the jewels of Tobago Cays Marine Park, which comprises the surrounding waters as well. Horseshoe Reef nearly encircles the four main cays, and beyond its protective embrace is Petit Tabac. One of the premier snorkeling and diving locales within the Grenadines, and the entire Windward chain, for that matter, it’s no surprise that Tobago Cays cruising is a highlight of exploring these waters.



Day 5: Tobago Cays - Petit Martinique

Tobago Cays - Petit Martinique, 11 nm. Stop by Union Island again to clear customs and immigration in Clifton Harbour. Sail over to Petit Martinique, Grenada’s northern most island. It’s a great place to come ashore to replenish water, alcohol, ice and more. Many of the residents here live by boatbuilding, and Petit Martinique is famous for its plywood speedboats. For great snorkeling and exploring, Fota and Petite Dominique are within range of a seaworthy dinghy. Be sure to stop at Mopion for lunch on your way! Mopion is surrounded by amazing reefs to dive, and is known as the world’s smallest island with a structure.



Day 6: Prickly Bay

Petit Martinique - Prickly Bay, 50 nm. Get an early start out of Petit Martinique to enjoy the long down-wind run to Grenada. Finish up your day at Prickly Bay, which is known as one of the best anchorages amongst cruisers. Customs and Immigration is available at the yacht club right in the anchorage. Enjoy live steel drum band music from the yacht club’s bar. Consider organizing a land tour into the rain forest and cool off in one of Grenada’s many waterfalls.



Day 7: St. George’s Bay

Prickly Bay - St. George’s Bay, 7 nm. Sail into St. George’s Harbour to finish your charter at Port Louis Marina, home of The Moorings base. After completing the check out process with the staff, take some time to explore St. George’s. This capital city of Grenada is a gem of the 18th century with colonial buildings crowned by orange fish-scale tiles that mingle between multi-colored homes along an emerald green backdrop. Stroll along St. George’s narrow streets, perusing the shops and smelling aromas drifting from the area’s many great restaurants and bars. Stop by Bay Gardens, and marvel at over 3,000 species of Caribbean plants.The Carenage along the inner harbor is perfect for a scenic waterfront walk and on Saturdays, the place to be is St. George’s Market Square. Overlooking the harbor to the west, Fort George is an area landmark built in 1705 that offers spectacular hilltop views and is open to visitors.