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Navigating a vessel in the water is an art. While navigating in coastal waters when you have land in sight may make sense, things are getting harder when you lose sight, due to night hours, weather conditions, and, of course - sailing in the open ocean. This course will give you an introduction of maritime cartography, review of nautical charts and navigation tools, teach you how to plot a course and navigate along it

considering currents, tides and leeways, and application of these terms in modern electronic instruments. This is a classroom course where you will learn and exercise navigation skills. Upon passing both classroom and online  course successfully you will be awarded with the Coastal Navigation Endorsement  by NauticEd. This endorsement is required in order to get Bareboat Charter Master Certified.

Units, terminology, compass rose, Lat & Long
True North, Magnetic North and Compass North 
Variation & Deviation
How to account for compass errors when plotting on a chart
Where Am I?
Determine your position using different techniques
Tides & Currents
Effect on plotting and working with Tide & Currents Tables 
Calculating your course to steer to compensate for wind 
Communications & Navigation
Routine & emergency communication and where we are
Electronic Navigation Systems
How do traditional navigation is applied in modern instruments
Classroom Assessment & Exam is offered for students who completed their online courses. The student may test on more than one course during the scheduled session, however the maximum time for each assessment will be 6 hours.
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