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Whether you want to learn from scratch or to improve your sailing skills and upgrade your certification to be a skipper - this course is right for you! This course reviews sailing from the skipper's perspective and teaches you everything you need to know in order to be able to take a 25'-55' sailboat on a day sail in the harbor.  This course includes a Maneuvering Under Power Clinic - which will teach you the principals on how to dock your boat like a pro every time! 

The course is structured so that you can study the theoretical part at the comfort of your home using any internet accessible device (desktops, phones or tablets). After completing your online studies and passing all the exams you will be able to attend our hands-on on-water lessons.  Upon passing both on-water and online  course successfully you will be awarded with the Skipper Rank  by NauticEd. 

Weather and Sea Conditions
Obtain a forecast and plan your sail accordinglly 
Electrical Systems
Electrical systems functionality and troubleshooting
Auxiliary Power
Know your engine and its operation
Rigging and Sails
Understand rigging systems, instruct your crew on operation
Rules of the road and Safety
Collision avoidance and overall safety responsibility 
Slip Departures and Returns
Maneuvering under power
Understanding wind, sails operation, perform drills
Communications & Navigation
Routine & emergency communication and where we are
Anchoring and Mooring
Terminology and how to 
Coping with Emergencies
Man over board drill, fire onboard, going aground
Once you complete your online theoretical  studies you will need to attend a 14-hour on-water clinic where you will be able to learn, exercise and get qualified on your hands-on skills by one of our instructors. Group 2-day on-water clinics are offered a few times during the season, can be completed over a Club Weekend Cruise or privately upon scheduling.
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STEP 1: 
Theory review and testing
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STEP 2: 
Sign up for an on-water skill assessment
Select assessment choice:

Group Assessment

8-hour day, group of 2-4 students




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Private Assessment**

6-hour day, 1 student only




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Weekend Cruise

2-Day Group Assessment




Non-Members/Member Price

* Certification will be granted only upon successful completion of on-water hands-on and classroom lessons related

** Private instruction is for one person only, one 8-hour day, available Mon-Fri 8am-5pm only, subject to instructor's evaluation of student's skill level